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Featured Shed - Week of November 23, 2015

Featured Shed of the Week - Week of November 23, 2015Daniel has an acreage located NW of Calgary. Daniel wanted to build a custom playhouse for his children. After meeting with a Shed Solutions product specialist Daniel and the shed solutions team came up with a great design!This shed measures 10' x 10' and includes the following features:​Elevated...
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Featured Shed - Week of November 16, 2015

Featured Shed of the Week - Week of November 16, 2015Deanna and Paul live in Langdon, AB. They came to our Calgary showroom on a Saturday afternoon looking for an 8' x 12' shed with an extension to be used as a potting area.After viewing our standard models in the showroom Deanna and Paul sat down with one of our product specialists and were able t...
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Featured Shed - Week of November 9, 2015

Featured Shed of the Week - Week of November 9, 2015Dan and Michelle live in SW Calgary and were looking for a unique storage solution. Their yard included multiple tiers and levels separated by retaining walls and steps.Dan wanted two separate sheds located on different tiers in the yard. The two sheds measured 6' x 6' and 6' x 7'.Each unit includ...
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Demo Model Blow Out Sale - Edmonton

Shed Solutions Edmonton has the following demo units available.For information and availability please call our showroom at (780) 477-3239 or email us at support@shed-solutions.com3' x 6' LeanTo4' x 8' LeanTo6' x 6' - The Willow6' x 10' - The Whistler8' x 8' - The Sedona - Front Gable8' x 8' - The Sedona - Custom c/w Insulation8' x 10' - The York -...
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$1,500 Cash Giveaway!

 $1,500 Cash Giveaway! Shed Solutions is giving away $1,500 Cash to two lucky people! The draws will take place Saturday October 3rd.Contest Rules:- Entrants will be given a certain number of entries based on the week in which they purchase a shed from Shed Solutions.- If you are selected as the winner we give you $1,500 CASH! - It's as simple...
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French Onion Barbecue Burgers

Ooh-la-la I'm in love! This burger is topped with French-fried onions, yummy melted cheddar cheese, and sour cream all coddled lovingly in a Pillsbury Grands! Flaky Layers refrigerated biscuit. It's an affair to remember! An easy make at home variation on a stadium favorite sour cream and onion burger. YIELD: Makes 8 servings INGREDIENTS 1 can (16...
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Beer Can Chicken

There's quite a bit of lore surrounding beer-can chicken, and for good reason. Just look at that burnished mahogany bird. The steam from the brew flavours the meat and keeps it moist. The can props the chicken up, so it roasts evenly—no scorching, no flipping, no stressing. And you get to drink some beer. We're believers. YIELD: Makes 4 servings IN...
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Demo Model Blow Out Sale

Shed Solutions is Blowing Out Some of it's Demo Models.Please note that Delivery is not included in the listed prices. These units are all on display outside the Shed Solutions Showroom in SE Calgary.You will require a flat deck trailer to transport these units to your property. We will provide assistance loading the units with a forklift on site. ...
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Construction at the New Shed Solutions Edmonton Location

By the looks of it construction is coming along nicely at Shed Solutions' newest location. Ron and some of the staff from Calgary have been working extremely hard over the past couple of weeks to get the new showroom and manufacturing facility up and running. Still a lot of work to do, but you can definitely see the progress!{gallery}blog/EdmontonS...
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Lotto Max Pool - December 20, 2013

STEP 2: Write a comment below! You MUST comment below to be entered! The Lotto Max Jackpot has gone up to $50 MILLION PLUS 50 MAX MILLIONS for the draw this Friday! So we figured we would let everyone have a chance at some $$!How it will work: COMMENT on this photo to get in on the jackpot. "Like" and "Share" it too. But you need to C...
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Featured Shed - Week of December 10, 2012

Featured Shed of the Week - Week of December 10, 2012Teresa came to us from Milo, AB to find a shed suited for her property. After discussion we ended up building two sheds for Teresa's home. One was a 8' x 13' shed that had custom doors installed to allow for a trailer to be parked inside. Teresa also added to side by side window packages to creat...
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Featured Shed - Week of December 3, 2012

Featured Shed of the Week - Week of December 3, 2012Don resides in Priddis in an area called Hawks Nest Landing. He had a beautiful home which he wanted to match a shed too. He asked that we build him a fairly large unit so we went with a 10' x 12' shed. This large space allows Don to store many items and the 64' double doors he had installed creat...
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Featured Shed - Week of November 26, 2012

Featured Shed of the Week - Week of November 26, 2012Jackie needed a storage unit on her property in the Northwest area of Arbour Lake. She had lots of space so we built a 10' x 10' shed to accommodate all her storage needs. Jackie had 48" double doors installed and one window package to add extra light. The double doors allow easy movement in and ...
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Featured Shed - Week of November 19, 2012

Featured Shed of the Week - Week of November 19, 2012Tariq was in need of a additional storage unit at his Northeast Saddle Ridge home because he does not have a garage. We designed him a 6' x 8' side gable model. He upgraded the standard 32" door to a 48" double door to allow larger items to be brought in and out of the shed. He also choose to kee...
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Featured Shed - Week of November 12, 2012

Featured Shed of the Week - Week of November 12, 2012Terry asked us to build a 8' x 10 shed at his Southeast home in the neighborhood of Douglasdale. Terry used to have a resin shed built in his back yard which got torn to pieces by a wind storm back in November. We were happy to tell him that with our wooden sheds this was guaranteed to never happ...
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Featured Shed - Week of November 5, 2012

Featured Shed of the Week - Week of November 5, 2012Zaneb came to us asking that we design a shed to fit alongside her Northeast Saddle Ridge home because her back yard lacked the space to place a shed. She asked that it be the the perfect size so that there was still walking space beside the house and didn't completely block off the space. After c...
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Featured Shed - Week of October 29, 2012

Featured Shed of the Week - Week of October 29, 2012Steve requested that we built him a shed at his Northwest Edgemont home that could store his garden tools and also his motorcycle. After planning and taking a look at Steve's backyard we decided to go with an 8' x 12' model which would provide him with ample space for his garden items as well as h...
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Featured Shed - Week of October 22, 2012

Featured Shed of the Week - Week of October 22, 2012Dale lives in the Northwest community of Royal Oak and came to us looking for 2 - 8' x 12' sheds to fit nicely in his backyard. He simply wanted something that was going to stand out and be a feature in his backyard but be capable of housing all his yard tools and unwanted clutter. We placed one o...
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Featured Shed - Week of October 15, 2012

Featured Shed of the Week - Week of October 15, 2012Robert came to the Shed Solutions Showroom wanting to find a Lean To model that would be best suited for his home in the Southeast community of Silverado. He was specific as to where he would like it positioned and we were able to design the shed to his request. He wanted a spacious shed that woul...
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Featured Shed - Week of October 8, 2012

Featured Shed of the Week - Week of October 8, 2012Mike was looking to get a shed he could put aside his pool to store all his pool equipment. He wanted the area around the pool to look clean cut and relaxing. After spending time planning things out in his Southeast Copperfield home in Calgary, we came up with a 6' x 14' Jasper model. Mike supplied...
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