Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Does your price include construction / installation?

Yes.  The majority of our garden sheds are installed however, we do offer a Do-It-Yourself options.

Does your price include the foundation and floor?

Yes.  Our prices include the foundation and floor of the garden shed. If you would like more information on how we build the base of your shed please see the "Site Preparation" section of this FAQ.

Can I purchase a kit from you and build it myself?

Yes.  We offer Do-It-Yourself options for many of our standard models ranging from 4’ x 8’ to 10’ x 10’.

If you would pricing on our DIY models please Request a Quote online or visit one of our indoor showrooms.

What are your sheds made of?

All of our sheds are manufactured with only the best quality materials and craftsmanship.  We build your shed to last!

We use 18" x 18" patio stones to create a solid foundation.

Next we place Pressure Treated Skids on top of the patio stones.

We then build a completely pressure treated floor on top of the skids.

The floor is made of pressure treated 2x4 12" o/c and sheeted with pressure treated plywood for a long lasting floor!

The foundation of your shed is one of the most important parts of your garden shed.  Do not be fooled by others who do NOT build their foundations properly!

The remainder of your shed is manufactured out of 2x4 material with Smart Panel Siding and Trim.

What sizes do your sheds come in?

Our standard shed models range in size from 4' x 6' to 10' x 10'.  Shed Solutions also offers custom sizes if our standard models to not fit your storage needs.

Our standard models can be viewed here.

Do you require a deposit for my new shed?

Yes.  We require a 50% deposit in order to book you into our installation calendar, the balance is then due 72 hrs from installation.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer flexible financing options.  Please see your local Shed Solutions showroom for more information.

How long does it take to get our new shed from the date we order to the date it is installed?

Once you have placed your order and all selections and build specifics are finalized it is typically a 4-6 week turnaround for our professionally installed sheds.

This is because we build each and every shed to order.

If you are looking for a shed quickly we recommend getting in touch with a Shed Solutions product specialist as soon as possible.


Our Do-It-Yourself packages are typically a 2 week turnaround.

What are your delivery charges? Are there any?

There are no additional delivery charges within the city limits of Calgary and Edmonton.  We also cover outlying areas such as: Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere, Leduc, Sherwood Park etc.

For job sites out of these area's there is typically a $0.60 / km fee.

For more information please contact your closest Shed Solutions showroom.

What is included in a Do-It-Yourself Kit?

Our DIY kits include:

- 18" x 18" Patio Stones for the Base.
- Pressure Treated Material for the floor
- All framing lumber and roof trusses
- Smart Panel Siding and Trim
- Door Hardware
- Dual Black Shingles

Our DIY kits do not include the screw or nails, skirting package or plexiglass in the doors.

Are your professionally installed sheds customizable?

Yes. All of our standard sheds are fully customizable to suit your specific storage needs.

Are your Do-It-Yourself kits customizable?

Our Do-It-Yourself kits come on our standard dimensions and are not customizable.

Do you have a cancellation list?

Yes we do.  We try our best to get everyone installed as soon as we possibly can.  In order to be on our cancellation list you must have final grade and all of your shed selections complete including paint and shingle colours.

If there is an opportunity to install your shed sooner than your scheduled installation spot we will contact you in advance.

Customization and Sizes

Do your sheds come in different colours?

Yes, we offer 26 standard Benjamin Moore colours to choose from.  You get to choose 2 colours for your new shed, one for the main body and one for the trim.

Our standard colours are listed below.

Chantilly lace
Barren plain
Stone Harbour 
Desert shadows
Cottage red
Brown sugar
Great plains
Shaker beige
Timid white
Hepplewhite ivory
Sandy hook gray
Hampshire gray
Tate olive
Forest floor       
Manor brown
Coventry gray
Nimbus gray
Lead gray
Deep royal

What kind of paint do you use?

We use a Benjamin Moore exterior latex paint called "Ben" in a soft gloss sheen.

Can you match the paint to my house?

If your house is not similar to any of our 26 colours we ask that you supply us with the colour matched paint and we will paint the unit for you.  You will then be credited the cost of the paint.

Can I paint the shed myself?

Painting the shed is an optional that we offer - you can paint the shed yourself should you choose to do so.

How often will the shed need to be repainted?

We use a high end Benjamin Moore exterior latex paint.  It is typically 10-15 years before you will have to think about repainting.

Is the skirting package painted?

No. Our skirting package is made of pressure treated wood, which needs to be out in the elements for one year before coating it.  If it is painted prior to one year it will likely peel in a few months time.

Shed Solutions will leave you with some touch up paint for your shed to complete any minor touch up's in the future.  You can also use this paint to paint the skirting package if you choose to do so.


What choices do I have for siding?

Our standard packages are sided with Smart Panel siding and trim.

Smart Panel has vertical grooves every 8" o/c.

For an additional charge we also offer an upgraded "Lap Siding" option.  The Lap Siding is manufactured by the same company that makes the standard smart panel siding.  The only difference is the horizontal orientation of the board. 

Please see your local showroom for more information on the different siding options.

What is Smart Panel?

Smart Panel is an engineered wood which carries a 50 year warranty from the manufacturer.  You will see Smart Panel being used on the majority of new homes constructed not only in Calgary and Edmonton but in North America.  It is an extremely durable product.

Are the shingles included? What colours are available?

All of our sheds come complete with IKO 30 year architectural shingles.  You can choose from Dual Black, Dual Brown, Charcoal Grey and Weatherwood.

What additional options of upgrades are available?

Our sheds come with a variety of possible upgrades.  Some of our most popular include: adding additional functional windows, 2’ x 2’ skylights, door style and size, wall heights etc.

Please contact your Shed Solutions Product Specialist to discuss what options may work best for you.

Are your sheds available in custom sizes and designs?

Absolutely.  90% of our installed garden sheds have been customized to a certain degree.  We can make your Shed Solutions garden shed as unique as you.

Site Preparation

How do you construct the base of your sheds?

We use 18" x 18" patio stones to create a solid foundation.
Next we place Pressure Treated Skids on top of the patio stones.
We then build a completely pressure treated floor on top of the skids.
The floor is made of pressure treated 2x4 12" o/c and sheeted with pressure treated plywood for a long lasting floor!

The foundation of your shed is one of the most important parts of your garden shed.  Do not be fooled by others who do NOT build their foundations properly!

Please Find more Information Here: SitePreparation.pdf


Do I require a building permit?

In most cases no you do not require a building permit.

Most municipalities allow a shed of up to 108 sq ft. without pulling a permit.

I would like to build a shed over 108 sq ft. Will you pull the permits for us?

We do not provide this service.  If you would like to build a shed that requires a permit then you will be required to pull the necessary permits before your shed is constructed.

How much space should we leave around the shed?

We recommend leaving a minimum of 24” around your entire shed.  This will allow you to maintain your shed and other structures over time.  24” is also the minimum setback from your property line in many communities.

What surface do you require before you can build a shed?

We build our foundation the way we do so that we can build our sheds on any surface.

We have a slope in our yard. What do we do?

If you have a slope or drop that is larger than 4” we recommend having our In-Home Consultant out to take a look at the site.  They will be able to tell you should there be any prep on your part as well as prepare our crew for any possible issues that might arise.

What yard conditions will lead to our installation being rescheduled?

Our crews do their best to install all sheds on the date they are scheduled.  However, should your yard be extremely icy or muddy or if it poses a hazard to our installers and we will need to rebook your installation, also if there is a large amount of animal waste or other debris.

Warranty and Longevity

What is the warranty on your sheds?

We offer a 5 year labour and material warranty - this excludes paint.

In addition to our standard 5 year warranty your shingles carry a 30 year warranty, and the Smart Panel siding and trim carry a 50 year warranty.


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