Featured Shed – Week Of October 8, 2012

Featured Shed of the Week – Week of October 8, 2012

Mike was looking to get a shed he could put aside his pool to store all his pool equipment. He wanted the area around the pool to look clean cut and relaxing.

After spending time planning things out in his Southeast Copperfield home in Calgary, we came up with a 6′ x 14′ Jasper model.  Mike supplied a concrete pad that we placed his shed over.  We felt this was a better option for the kind of shed he was looking to create.

The shed perfectly fit along side Steve’s fence yet still leaving enough walk through space. When Mike asked how many windows come with a shed package he was happy to find out he could add as many as he wanted.  Taking this to his advantage he placed one window package centered on the right side wall, two window packages along the front wall, accompanied by 48″ Double doors centered with plexiglass on the left side wall.

With all the light shining into Mike’s shed he was completely satisfied that he was able to design his shed with our professional help. For Mike’s shed we sided it with our Deluxe Series siding to make it clean lined and simple.  We also matched the shed’s base color and trim to Mike’s house.  This made his shed a feature to his backyard. With all the equipment hidden and organized this made Mike’s shed a very successful build.

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