You do not have to sacrifice quality for price.

All Shed Solutions garden sheds are built with the highest quality craftsmanship and only the best materials.  Shed Solutions Garden sheds are built to last.

Why Wood?

Lets face it!  Canada does not have the most desirable climate conditions in North America.  We are faced with extreme weather conditions that can easily damage property and belongings.

Shed Solutions uses only the best shed construction techniques to ensure you are left with a shed that can survive the most severe weather conditions we often face in Canada.

Below you can see a wooden shed that was built by Shed Solutions in the fall of 2011.  As many of you can remember Calgary experienced a severe wind storm in late November that caused tremendous property damage.  This particular Shed Solutions shed had a tree come crashing down on it from more than 50 ft in the air.

Could you imagine if this was a tin or resin shed purchased from a big box store?  The contents inside would have been destroyed.



Here are a few examples of what happens to resin and metal sheds in extreme weather conditions.

This is a resin shed with severe hail damage after a hail storm in Calgary in August of 2012.


This is a metal shed which also received hail damage in a recent hail storm.


A resin shed before a wind storm



The same resin shed after a wind storm


Purchase a Shed Solutions Wood Shed and this will not happen to you.

Please read the following customer testimonial from a customer who decided to purchase a resin shed before it was damaged during the November 2011 storm.

Customer Testimonial

For anyone that remembers it, in November of 2011, some areas of Calgary experienced a horrific wind storm. For some people the damages were greater than ours. For us, the cheap plastic garden shed we had purchased that summer was destroyed. The roof, doors and other pieces were totally torn off. Made of plastic, once things tear, they are non-repairable. So we went to Shed Solutions. We had visited their showroom before but made the decision to spend less and install ourselves. Truly, by the time we had someone build the base for the cheap shed (labour and materials costs) and the hours we put into assembly (our time is valuable), we really did not save any. And it all got blown apart with the storm.

So our insurance paid for replacement only. To go back to the cheap product – the big box stores would not have replaced until spring. And we would have no place to store our outdoor equipment. So we went back to Shed Solutions and covered the difference. Within a few days – in mid-November – the Shed Solutions guys came out, set up shop in our yard and constructed a shed so solid no wind storm could ever tear it down! And it is attractive with walls and trim that match our house. We couldn’t be happier with both the service and the product that Shed Solutions gave us. Thanks Marty!

Anna and Louie Koutis


Showroom Information

Our Showrooms contain several different models- giving you the opportunity to see various sizes and options up close!

Conveniently located within the Calgary Foothills Industrial Park, and on the south side in Edmonton, our indoor showrooms are the only place where you will find the exclusive line of Shed Solutions Garden Sheds!

Come and see Full-Size models displaying our various sizes, siding and custom options ~ helping you envision the perfect combination of style and functionality to fit your yard!

Our representatives are available to guide you through the installation and selection process and answer any questions you may have!

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