Poly Lumber and Fasteners

Poly Lumber

Our furniture is crafted using only the very highest grade of poly lumber (High Density Polyethylene, or HDPE). The density and smoothness of oor furniture is far superior than that of similar brands due to extremely high quality control standards and special agreements between the manufacturer and its suppliers. This means no voids on the cut edges or rough, discolored surfaces on your fine piece of furniture. Made of nearly 100% recycled milk jugs, poly lumber offers many advantages over other materials used in outdoor furniture. It’s ecologically responsible, easy to care for, and needs no painting or indoor storage. Poly lumber will not crack, splinter or support bacterial growth. It remains unaffected by salt spray. The color is not a coating—it goes all the way through the material and is UV stabilized to resist fading.


Fasteners used on our furniture are AllochromeTM plated stainless steel. Used widely in the salt water marine industry, these fasteners are proven to be much more resistant to corrosion than normal 304 or 316 grade stainless steel.




Shed Solutions warrants to the original purchaser that its polyethylene outdoor furniture products will be free of original defects in workmanship and materials for a period of twenty (20) years of residential use or five (5) years of commercial use starting on the date of purchase. At its option, Berlin Gardens will repair or replace this product without charge for materials and labor, providing our inspection indicates that an original defect exists. Should Berlin Gardens choose to replace the product, and the product is no longer available at the time warranty service is required, a substitution of similar performance and equal or greater value will be made. Polyethylene is a synthetic product and may scratch or fade slightly when exposed to sunlight or stain after prolonged contact with other substances. Some expansion and contraction is to be expected due to extreme changes in humidity and temperature. The foregoing shall not be considered defects in materials or workmanship and are not covered under this warranty. Stainless steel fasteners are warranted not to fail structurally for the applicable warranty period. Swivels are warranted not to fail structurally for five (5) years of residential use or two (2) years of commercial use. Stainless steel may rust in certain extreme conditions (such as coastal areas) if not maintained. This warranty does not cover rusting fasteners or structural failure due to rusting fasteners, damage caused by unauthorized service or repair, alteration of this product, abuse or misuse, normal wear and tear on materials, or any attempt to use the product in a manner or for a purpose other than for which it is customarily intended. This warranty also does not cover scratching or chipping of polyethylene; however, this warranty shall not limit any warranties made by the manufacturer for such items which may extend to you.

Cushions are warranted to be free of original defects in workmanship and material for a period of one (1) year of residential use and are not warranted for commercial use. Compression of cushions shall not be considered a defect in materials and workmanship and are not covered under this warranty.


We use advanced, specialized machinery along with traditional methods to manufacture each piece of furniture. Poly components are cut with extreme accuracy using computerized machines, then hand routed to smooth the edges. Expert craftsmen fabricate aluminum components used in many of our items. Skilled workers assemble each piece, following a finely tuned and efficient assembly process. Visual inspection occurs at each step in the process. The final result is a finely crafted piece of poly furniture that will remain comfortable, strong and beautiful for many years to come.

Care and Maintenance

Poly furniture is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a recyclable plastic that never needs to be painted or stained. It will not rot or splinter, and it contains an added UV protective agent to resist fading. Poly furniture is not affected by most corrosive substances, and will not promote bacterial growth.

To maintain the beauty of your furniture clean it regularly with nonabrasive soap and water. While most colors need to be cleaned a few times per year using soap and water, certain colors such as white, (but not limited to this color) need to be cleaned more frequently in order to maintain its original beauty. In extreme situations and with colors such as White, spray the furniture thoroughly with a nonabrasive cleaner then scrub the furniture using a soft bristle brush and rinse off with warm, clean water. If needed, spray the furniture with nonabrasive cleaner and wash it using a high pressure washer. Do not place the tip of your pressure washer closer than 8”-12” from the furniture or it will tear into the material.

Do not place flower pots or any items on furniture that will leave stains. Do not place hot items directly onto furniture to avoid melting.

All fasteners on our furniture are stainless steel with most fasteners being Allochrome Stainless Steel. Allochrome Stainless Steel is a coated stainless steel and one of the most corrosive resistant fasteners on the market. However, in extreme conditions such as coastal areas, while AllochromeTM Stainless Steel will be less likely to rust, it is still recommended to regularly rinse it with fresh water to ensure the longevity of your furniture and fasteners.

If properly cared for, you will be able to relax in your fine piece of poly furniture for many years!


Our furniture is designed to achieve the perfect blend of aesthetics, comfort and durability. Our products range from traditional Adirondack chairs to modern pieces with clean, refined lines and a minimal amount of visible hardware. We also offer a broad selection of finely engineered “motion furniture” such as gliders and swivel rockers for an amazingly relaxing experience.

Our collections are designed to be strong and durable. We use welded aluminum frames under table tops, heat bended curved components, and thicker material for support pieces. Extensive strength and durability testing is done as products are designed. We want to make sure you receive the strongest, most long-lasting furniture possible.

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